Monday, 14 May 2012


Dartmeet was my second climb on the 12th May. It has a 20% gradient from the start and doesn't let you ease off the gas until the very top. That said, the scenery and the fact it is only a short climb took the edge off a bit. I wouldn't say I enjoyed it but I can think of worse climbs to tackle.

For some reason my helmet camera gets a bit jumpy from time to time and the sound goes a bit screwy. For all of you who think I breath at 300 miles an hour it is quite often the amazingly crappy mic on the camera distorting things. Honest.

Not sure how long it took me to get up this one but you can be sure it was longer than the time set out in the 100 Greatest Climbs book. I sometimes struggle to descend the climbs in the time Simon Warren has ridden up them! My excuse is I'm enjoying the stunning views (and trying hard not to end up embedded in them).

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