Sunday, 24 June 2012

Bonus Video - Descending through Winnats Pass

As I'm not doing any rides this weekend I thought I would post up the following video. It is another chance to see the impressive Winnats Pass. It took me far less time to get back down to my car than it did to get to the top although my less than polished descending technique nearly failed me at one point and I came close to overcooking it entering the final left hand bend.

Next weekend I intend to tackle the two remaining climbs in Devon that I have not yet been able to get around to doing. Hopefully by this time next week I'll be busy editing videos of my efforts to climb Haytor Vale and Salcombe Hill. After that I will only have a further two climbs to complete in the South West. Wales will be my focus after I've reached that milestone. The ferocious nature of some of the Welsh Climbs is partly the reason why I wasn't out ticking off more of the 100 climbs this weekend; I'm going to need to up my game considerably and so some more measured training rides were required.

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  1. I hope you are not planning on taking us riding when we come to visit soon! The old boy wouldn't make it!
    Looking forward to seeing you (and Emily is looking forward to burying you on the beach!)