Saturday, 23 February 2013

5 Climbs to Open 2013

I've just arrived back home from Surrey where I've spent two days ticking off 5 more climbs bringing my total to 35. It was bitterly cold with traces of snow and if I'm being honest I was using the trip as  an early season fitness test (not very it turns out) as much as a chance to bag some more climbs.

A full write up complete with shaky, poorly edited, videos and random photos will follow in a few days but for now my thoughts on the five climbs tackled are:

York's Hill - Would have been more fun on a moutain bike. And smoother.

Box Hill   - A nice, if very cold way to start a Saturday. Not the fastest ascent ever but I did have three other climbs to consider.

White Downs - Starts OK, gets brutal, and narrow.

Leith Hill - Started out OK, turned into a bit of a nasty drag to the top which coincided with my energy levels waning.

White Lane - Bit of a rat run for local drivers. Would have been more manageable if I'd started out in the correct gear. Doh! Damn cold at the top and there is only an exposed lay by to get changed in.

Thats all for now. I have a small Fiat that looks like a mud bomb has gone off inside it that needs to be dealt with and a load of video footage to sort through. Watch this space for a comprehensive update.

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