Friday, 23 March 2012

Dunkery Beacon - Going down from the top was more fun

After my ride up Porlock Hill where I was able to fill my helmet cams memory card up by taking too long I was both a bit quicker, and a bit better at saving my cameras capacity, going up to Dunkery Beacon. As a result I was able to save enough memory space to film the descent. I'm glad I did as you can make out more of the fantastic views. It also proves that I can move a bicycle along at more than 2 miles per hour.

What with stops to look at the scenary and my slow progress it probably took me a good 40 minutes to get up to the top (note to self: train more effectively). It took just under 6 minutes to get back to my car. I was actually quite knackered by the time I started the descent so I was taking my time and letting gravity do the hard work.

The only problem I faced on the descent was the slow puncture I picked up. Fortunately my front tyre didn't deflate until I reached my car; could have been nastier if it had chosen one of the faster sections to loose all of it's air. Gulp.

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