Saturday, 10 March 2012

One week to go

Well, the 18th March is nearly upon us. As I've spent the last few months spinning a low gear up long ascents I've decided that for the final week of preparation I should do a few rides on my trusty Singular Swift. It only has nine gears (only eight of which actually work due to some idiot, me, not setting up them up properly) and fat draggy tyres so I reckon it will be ideal for some last minute training with the aim of putting some more kick into the way I tackle the climbs. When I ran it as a single speed I found that it helped put some speed into my climbing so hopefully in the final week I can add a little extra power to my climbing.

Riding this up steep hills makes my heart rate monitor beep like some form of self destruct warning so it must be doing me some good

My Bianchi is still a pile of bits in the garage at the moment so my tough but versatile Surly Cross Check will be pressed into service for the first few climbs. I'll be removing the mudguards over the course of the next week, fitting lighter road wheels and tyres and, er, giving it a clean. I might check the gears are running smoothly but I suspect it will be stuck in bottom for most of Porlock hill and Dunkery so as long as I can engage the granny ring and largest sprocket I'll be happy. Not that I have low expecations of my climbing prowess or anything...

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