Sunday, 30 September 2012

The Tumble and Rhigos

Well, here it is, the footage from The Tumble. Not my fastest or smoothest performance on a hill. I struggled to settle into a decent pace on this climb and also went from freezing cold at the start to boiling hot which can't have helped. Still, the cold clear weather did help with the views from the top; The Tumble proved a particularly spectacular place to suffer on a bike.

I found Rhigos a much more straightforward climb. I had a chance to warm up before tackling it and whilst the long straight drag that forms the first part of this climb was a bit soul destroying and boring (I never thought I would find one of the 100 climbs boring) it did at least allow me to settle into a steady pace. I was still lacking some horsepower on this climb for some reason though so it won't rank as one of the fastest attempts ever made. Still, its another climb ticked off the list.

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