Thursday, 4 October 2012

Llangynidr Mountain

Not sure what to say about this climb really. For whatever reason I just failed to do a good job once the road started going up. I'd had a long day and was feeling low on power all day but I'm not sure why.

As soon as I started turning the pedals I knew I was going to suffer on this hill and it proved to be the case. It was quite a frustrating experience as the surroundings were spectacular and the weather was perfect. At least I wasn't having a hard time in the pouring rain.

When I first started out on this quest to take on all 100 climbs I took on Porlock as the very first one knowing that it would expose any weaknesses I had. I thought it would be a valuable learning experience and it was. I was hoping by the time I reached a climb like Llangynidr I would have learnt most of the lessons I needed to. I guess in my favour I was able to keep plugging on and managed to trudge my way up most of the climb but I'm still annoyed as I should have done better. Starting to cramp up at the halfway point didn't help. I guess some days you are the pigeon and on others you are the statue. On Llangynidr I was most definitely the statue.

A couple of training rides since my experience on Llangynidr have shown that I do have the horsepower to go better so I'm putting this hill down as a blip. I'm never going to be the quickest rider on the steeper stuff but I should be able to just keep motoring on.

I'm hoping to return to Wales very soon once the weather clears to tackle another two of the climbs. When I do I'll return to Llangynidr to finish what I started; hopefully without a bad case of cramp to ruin my day. The really annoying thing is I still haven't got a clue about how to pronounce it...

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