Tuesday, 16 October 2012

I think I'm Jinxed when it comes to Wales

Its true, I think I am. Twice now I've attempted to get a decent number of the Welsh climbs knocked off and on both occasions I have failed to achieve my goal. I think the South Eastern climbs are a better bet for the remainder of the year, especially as the winter weather starts to arrive, so Wales can now wait until next spring. Some of the Welsh hills are very exposed and the lanes of Surrey and Sussex sound a much better bet.

After sitting looking at the footage for a week I've finally edited together a couple of videos on my efforts to climb The Bwlch and Llangynidr Mountain. The thought of editing footage with a soundtrack of me feeling ill was perhaps unsurprisingly something I put off for as long as possible!

I am pleased to announce that these new videos mark the return of Ass Cam TM . I still need to figure out the best mounting for it but I couldn't resist including a few shots. Sadly it doesn't shoot in widescreen but it at least doesn't have an impossible to remove, and incorrect, timestamp showing on screen like the previous model did.

My ride up Llangynidr didn't take in the full climb. I had managed to complete most of the climb on my last attempt and I was feeling so awful that the final mile was more than enough of a challenge. It didn't have a particularly steep gradient but trying to ride up it with a temperature very nearly finished me off. I'm either stubborn or stupid, can't decide which at the moment.

More than a week on from shooting the footage I'm still feeling the after effects of the cold I attemped to burn off whilst riding up big hills. For the first few days after my latest Welsh adventure I felt very fatigued and not up to much at all. I have managed to get back out on the bike since but trying to ride while ill has obviously pushed me a bit too far into the red and it is only now that I feel I've got the power back in my legs. That'll teach me to push on when I know I should really be resting up.

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