Monday, 24 June 2013

Day Trip to Lancashire Part 2 - Trough of Bowland

The Trough of Bowland is a really very pretty valley with lots of steep little climbs and nice views. It was only a relatively short drive to the start of the climb from the top of Jubilee Tower and I managed to park in some shade near the start of the climb; it was turning into another hot day and the dog was already starting to suffer with the heat.

Some much needed shade in the Forest of Bowland

There were loads of cyclists out enjoying the local roads and the weather and I got on the bike looking forward to the climb. At first the gradient is gentle as the road meanders through the valley before finally ramping up. Even when things do get steep they aren’t too drastic. My main problem was dealing with the heat which has always been my achilles heal. As I got to the steep part of the climb I started to slow as my temperature rose. Mind you, I was doing better than one bloke I spotted in the distance who had climbed off his bike as soon as the road went properly up. Sadly at my slow speed he was too far ahead for me to catch up with and he remounted about three quarters of the way up the climb. I may be slow but I never walk.

After an enjoyable, if slow climb up to the top, I had an even more enjoyable ride back down to the car. The road back down was wide enough and smooth enough to get up to a decent speed which certainly helped me cool off. After completing the usual process of packing away the bike and my cameras it was off to Slaidburn for lunch before tackling the Cross if Greet climb.

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