Thursday, 13 June 2013

Langcliffe Scar

Langcliffe Scar is shorter in length compared to Malham Cove but has steeper gradients and a couple of really steep uphill bends to tackle. Descending to the start from the top was fast and fun but as with a lot of climbs I struggled to get going on the lower part of the hill. Taking on the 100 climbs means you have very little chance for a warm up before the road starts going uphill and most climbs are tackled after at least 40 minutes sat in the car.

The views were impressive all week

On Langcliffe Scar I struggled to get the legs turning early on and even when I did find some semblance of pace it wasn’t fast. Making sure I cleared the steep hair pin bends only served to get me really hot and so I ended up feeling pretty cooked quite early on. As with Malham Cove the local rock formations really dominate the view, especially at the top of the climb so at least my slow pace allowed me to have a good look.

Langcliffe Scar was the second and final climb of the day. I had a trip over the border into Lancashire planned for the Tuesday and the dog was starting to struggle in the heat. He is getting on in years for a Cocker Spaniel and with my car not having air con I was aware that the week could turn into a bit of an ordeal for him unless we made efforts to keep him cool. As the temperatures stayed high all week I very quickly got used to driving everywhere with all of the car windows open at high speed.

One very hot and unhappy dog at the top of Langcliffe Scar

After getting back to our base in Bradley it was time for dinner and a fairly early night as the following day I would be taking on three climbs and covering quite a bit of mileage in between them. More to follow.

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